Leather Jacket re-dying

by Tulsa Leather Care

Mail in service, and how it works :

Sending your jacket to us:

  Tulsa Leather Care                                                                                        1006 W. Taft #364                                                                                   Sapulpa, OK. 74066                                                                  

Mail in Info form

We've been re-dyeing leather since 1995, and we're  just 17 minuets west of down town Tulsa.

Mailing your jacket to us:

We happily receive your jackets to re-dye via  US mail,  UPS, or Fed-Ex. Signature requested is fine, and we recommend that when sending a package USPS that you send it with at least delivery conformation requested.

Frankly, even with customers that are within our local area we recommend and encourage  mail in service. It's simple, the cost is predictable, the mail carrier finds us every day, and it's easy.

When sending us a jacket to re-dye if you send it US mail than we recommend that you request delivery verification.

If you'd like to send your package with signature requested that works too.