Leather Jacket re-dying

by Tulsa Leather Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to have my jacket re-dyed                
A: We normally have your jacket for 14 days or there about. If we receive a  jacket on a Monday, then it should be going back to the owner by    the next Monday.    

**Jackets that are black going back to black, are about a 10 day (or less) turnaround.                                                   

Q: Are the dyes permanent, do the rub off?                                   
A: No the dyes don't rub off and they ARE permanent. We use only the best quality dyes, and are very similar to the dyes used by the  original company that colored your jacket.                                               

Q: What's the most popular color for leather jackets?          A: I'd say the most popular leather jacket color is black. Fallowed by espresso (very dark) brown. If your looking to sell a jacket and would like to have it re-dyed (to look like new) before selling it, that I'd recommend dying it black . It's the best seller.

Q: Can I change the color of my jacket?                                           
A: Yes, in many cases you can change the color of your jacket to     just about any color that you'd like to have it. In some cases the       leather in a coat and the way that it was tanned may limit what         color you may have it re-dyed to, but in many cases the choice        is     only limited by your imagination.                                                          

Q: Do you re-dye suede jackets too?                                                    
A: NO, typically we don't re-dye sued jackets, but some times we      do. The company that made the suede dye's that we used went out  of business after 175 years. So probably the best answer is "some     times". If you'd like to call to see about your suede jacket please       feel free to do so. Because "if we can we will" .                                            

Q: How do I send my jacket to  you?                                                   
A: We recommend that all items be mailed with at least delivery      verification, and signature requested is always good too. Unless      other wise requested we return all items with delivery verification and tracking numbers.                                                                                         

Q: How do I pay for the service?                                                             
A: Upon completion of your jacket re-dye re will send you a photo of the completed job, and request payment via Pay pal.                       

Q: What if I don't have Pay Pal?                                                               
A: If you don't have Pay pal, or prefer to not use internet $$              options, than we're happy to accept a check or money order for       our services. For rapid service it's wise to include (if not using pay  pal ) your preferred method of payment with your jacket. Other       wise we will be waiting for payment prior to shipment, and waiting  is OK with us, if it's OK with you.